Luxrender renders take ages

Hi guys,

I just installed luxrender and am rendering a simple mesh that takes about 5-7 secs in blender internal, on luxrender it’s been going for around 5 minutes and it’s still only about 10% done. I know I should probably be asking on the luxrender forums but I only have this one question:o

Any ideas?

Yes. Inform yourself about the differences of a biased (BI) and unbiased (Luxray) Raytracer.
Luxrender is not slow, BI is fast, but physically incorrect.

And for Luxray there is no “done” you can let it raytrace 10 samples or 10 million samples per pixel.
You decide when it is done.

You’re comparing apples to oranges. Luxrender is a physically based renderer, whereas Blender internal is a scanline raytracer with “cheats” to render fast. If you really want speed and the quality of an unbiased renderer, you should look into SmallLuxGPU, it uses your video card to accelerate rendering.

Got it! Thanks guys:D