LuxRender splashscreen contest

Hi everybody,

On the heels of the release of LuxRender v0.7RC1, the LuxRender team is organizing a contest for the splash screen of the upcoming v0.7 release.
Please find all the details in the contest thread.

Happy rendering,


LuxRender FTW!

Well I would like to render my cabin scene in luxrender, I’ve wanted to do so for months but I could never do it with 2.5 :frowning:

LuxRender takes to loong!

Unfortunately the exporter for Blender 2.5 is not yet finished eventhough there’s ongoing work on it. So you’ll have to use Blender 2.49 to export your scene for now.
Regarding speed, v0.7 is a huge improvement over previous version and OpenCL acceleration is coming for v0.8.


Yeah, it better be quicker, for now, I’m using Yafray. Much quicker.

If It’s a big difference it probably related to lack of knowledge of choosing render settings…

Sounds awesome :smiley: