Luxrender starts, but has error.

I’ve been trying to use an external renderer, so I tried Luxrender since I can’t get yafaray work at all. I tried downloading a 2.57 build with luxrender, and stole the add-on file (since the builds never run for me. They just won’t start up) and then I put it into an official 2.57 build. When I render the scene the luxrender GUI loads OK, but it has this error and does nothing:

p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; } [2011-04-19 17:35:54 Severe error: 47] Parsing error in file ‘untitled.Scene.00001.lxs’ at line 3: syntax error

I just can’t seem to get any renderer to work, either in Ubuntu 10.04 or Windows 7.

You’re using LuxRender 0.7.1, grab 0.8RC3 here:

Thanks! That worked :slight_smile:

Thanks, worked for me too!