LuxRender - Where to find the rendering speed during render??

Hi guys.
Quick question here. In the status bar of the LuxRender while it’s rendering is something like this:

00:04:40 - 2 Threads: 24.21 S/p 29.88 kS/s 11.32 kC/s 296% Eff (actual values in my case)

Now, is it the 29.88 kS/s rendering speed (kS/s = kiloSamples per second maybe??).
And what are kC/s and Eff?

That’s all I wanna know.
Thanks and happy 2.6 :slight_smile:

Here’s what they all mean:

Ks/s is the rate the rays are being fired, so it’s more or less rendering speed. The efficiency and contribution rate refer to how effective the sampling is. This can help you figure out how difficult your scene is, or whether a tweak you made to settings or such will result in a net gain or loss of render time.

Thanks, haven’t seen that on the wiki :slight_smile: