Saw they had version 1.3 of LuxRender up and running over there on Blender nation. Downloaded the new version, the instructions tell me to go into addons, select install from file, select the LuxBlend zip file. Problem is, I don’t have no zip file, the only file I have is a tar.bz2.
How do I get this to work?

The download from the LuxRender site includes some other stuff (like the standalone renderer). Inside there should be a bundled archive of some format (i think tarballs work fine too) that contains just the blender plugin. This archive is the one you want to point Blender’s addon installer towards.

Tarballs don’t install in the addons, only zips and python scripts do. There was no zip in the files at all when I decompressed the tarball.

Just checked the official Linux package, it seems LuxBlend isn’t packed together here. The script is included as just a clone of the repository. So what you’ll want to do with this:

  1. Copy the and files into the luxblend-2.6/src/luxrender directory
  2. Copy that luxblend-2.6/src/luxrender to your Blender scripts folder

That should give the same result as the addon zip install. (for some background, the zip it’s supposed to use would be an archive of the folder created in step 1, which blender then unpacks to its scripts folder)

Version 1.3 is out? I just downloaded v1.2 and can’t find 1.3. As for the tarball, you should be able to select a zip file to download and then unzip and put /luxrender into the addons folder as usual.

No, v1.3 is NOT out :stuck_out_tongue: There are a few development builds of 1.3 with SLGRender integrated, available on the lux forums.