Hello all,

I am a bit confused on using Cycles and LuxRender, I created an object that I originally rendered with Cycles, but is there a way to get it to render in LuxRender or Yafaray?

When I try to render it in Yayafray it is just black, when I try to render it in LuxRender, it stays on the black and grey check screen.

Any assistance would be great! Thanks in advance.

You’ll need to recreate materials and re set up lights for each different renderer. You can’t just switch renderers without additional work.

I was guessing that, however, is it the same process of creating everything as it is in Cycles, or does each renderer have its own way of adding materials and textures?

While the basic principles guiding the creation of materials are the same, there are some differences in the various renderers.

Could you elaborate on these differences?

I think you’ll learn more if you go to the other renderer’s respective forums and do some research yourself.