OK, I’m aware that there are some things Lux can do better than Cycles (my renderer of choice), and I realise that by comparison Lux is painfully slow, but it would be nice to learn it for those times when I need Lux features that Cycles doesn’t yet have (handling of caustics being the one that comes to mind, I installed Lux purely to make a glitterball work).

Now I also know that luxblend25 will convert cycles materials (ish) but it would be nice to recreate the materials natively. Unfortunately, the most recent tutorials I can find are using Blender 2.5. Are there any tutorials using Bl 2.7. Both Lux and Blender have progressed. (even if the plugin hasn’t)

Are you so sure about that?
For simple scenes I completely agree, a clay render will be much faster in Cycles than in Lux.
But when it comes to complex scenes and materials it’s another story.

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any recent tutorials for LuxRender.
This page is probably the most helpful one currently:
But to be honest, working with Lux materials is not that complicated. You won’t need crazy shader nodetrees like in Cycles, most of the stuff is pretty straightforward.

If you have a question or problem, you are welcome to ask in the LuxRender forums. You will get the quickest support there.

Sorry for the late reply, but I’m getting there. The link was helpful, thank you. I haven’t tried the forum yet for fear of having to spam it with “How do I” questions…

Don’t hesitate to ask, a few more “How do I” questions are a good thing, since it also helps others when they find it via web search.
It also helps us developers to see where people struggle so we can improve the UI or other parts of the code.