Luxury camera for snob (now with Kerktythea render)

Picture was made just for fun. Inspired by new Pentax anniversary camera.
Everything made with blender and some post pro with gimp.

Looks great. It looks looks like a toy.

Nice camera! Looks very good. Only thing I would comment is that reflection looks a bit sharper than the camera itself.

Looks great, almost photorealistic. However, i really don’t like the ground plane. It just looks kind of odd with the wavy effect.

Nice. I like the ground texture, but maybe if that was blurred slightly it would look cooler.

I’ve made Kerkythea render:

Excellent! I really like it.

Looks a lot better!

Great Job. Absolutely love the Kerkythea render. The materials on the first render just look a bit off in places, especially on the wood texture.


Edit: Whoops, fixed. Thanks Yoeri

Indigo? he said Kerktythea:rolleyes: anyways, I like them both! The wood looks kinda weird in the kerktythea render.

Yes, it was Kerktythea.

First, it looks great. the Kerktythea render looks really good and the reflection is very nice. However, it looks as though the wood texture is mapped to Win (like mapped relative to the camera as opposed to the object) hence making it look almost 2D. Regardless, 4 Stars no doubt!

nice work - if you sorted the wood texture - it would be a great pic.

Applaud! Extremely detailed! I tried to pick the camera up but for some reason a force-field is in the way…my wife said it was my computer screen but what does she know?