Luxury Italian bathroom

Hey guys,
I’ve decided to come here more often and post a few finished jobs (not all of them, don’t worry). This is another boring interior modelled with Blender and rendered with Indigo. It was inspired by a Boffi bathroom and I should also point to the fact that the excellent Tora did a better version of this some time ago using Maxwell. This and other works by him can be seen at


Great image! :wink:

The web page has excellent work. But were made with blender ? and render?

Sorry Henrique. I was just trying to make it clear where I had got my inspiration from. The guys at Purerender, as far as I know, work with Maya, 3DS Max, Vray and Maxwell.

My image here, however, was made entirely in Blender and rendered in Indigo.

this is nice… I ALWAYS AM WONDERING… where do they get such nice crisp textures… are those procedural textures or just image textures?

Hi Photogen. The textures are high-res images. The pebbles also use Blender displacement.
Indigo understands neither Blender procedurals nor preset texture mapping (flat, cubic, etc…) Only UVs. This doesn’t mean you can’t use Blender procedurals, which I do all the time (though not in this image). You only have to bake your procedurals into a UVed texture map.

As you can see your picture made with blender+indigo is equal to the big companies! :wink:
Great quality! :wink:

Either people need to stop posting things that clearly say I need to learn indigo…
…or I learn indigo:eyebrowlift:.
This is a pretty professional looking image, though the illumination is a bit strange in the bottom left. Nice work ont he rest of the lighting though, and the pebbles worked out well.

Learn Indigo! :smiley:
No really, the beauty of it is that there is nothing (or very little) to learn. No fiddling around with photon maps and GI levels. Just apply your mats and click render. You can spend this time perfecting your scene and lighting.