Luxury Spaceyacht WIP

I was watching Andrew Price’s spaceship tutorial and it inspired me to conceptualize and model my own spaceship. Here are some of my concept sketches:

The sleek eggy shape was inspired by Thunderbird 2 and the Naboo Royal starships in Star Wars. I kind of imagined this as an inter-system ferry for hopping between planets. Here is what I have so far in Blender:

Any suggestions on the overall design or anything else is welcome.

More WIP renders

NOTE: If anyone sees this and think it’s the ugliest thing they’ve seen please tell me how to make it better.

Here’s a quick update:

NOTE: This ship is meant to be pretty big, about 4 or 5 decks thick. Right now it feel pretty tiny, any ways I could change the deign to give a better impression of scale?

Well, I’m not a fan of adding a lot of meaningless small metal plates onto the ship’s hull… :slight_smile: So, I think adding some more tiny details to the engines, like tubings or hatch covers, could help.
What also comes to mind is some small airlocks, escape pods and maneuver thrusters.
And the main thing… to add a HUGE, insanely detailed luxury interior behind the front glass! That would both look awesome and give the right impression of the size. :wink:

Looking good so far, good luck, LiteRunner!

Rats, I knew it would come to that. I’d better get busy lol! Also since it’s “Luxury” I might change some things around and add side windows too. They definitly wouldn’t seal vip’s up with only a forward observation deck.

I’m still gonna try to put XArgon’s tips into effect but I wasn’t satisfied with my results so far so I remodeled everything. It looks way better!