Luxury SUV Pack Showcase Cycles + Eevee

I would like to present my Luxury SUV Pack. It allows you to use modern detailed SUVs in your scene in any location you choose. It includes:

Range Rover SVR 2018

Lexus RX350 2016

Mercedes-Benz GLE 2015

Audi Q7 2016

Here’s an animation presenting the SUV’s in Red Bull Hangar 7.

It’s rendered in Eevee.

The pack is now available in Blender Market.

Any feedback is welcome.


I like the renders, but why is there no shadow underneath the cars, I had the same issue in eevee but dont know how to fix it.

The main reason why is because I didn’t add the sun. The shadows were already included in some lights but overall, I wanted to give the impression that the sun was setting, which makes the shadows longer. Also, the shadows are not being reflected to the ground in Eevee, which could be the reason.

Nice showcase.

Thanks. It was supposed to be rendered in Cycles but since I’m on a budget, i used Eevee instead and I was able to make it look good using the depth of field while also including composition.