Luxury SUV Pack W.I.P Cycles + Eevee

GLE63. The second vehicle complete.

Next up is the Range Rover SVR.

The completion of the pack will be paused since I will be taking a break. I’ll be back soon.

I just found out that Blender 2.8 is now available. This could be one of my last projects in 2.79 before migrating to 2.8.

Taillights Complete.

Instead of leaving them emitted with a single color shown like this:

I used orange and red with MixRGB node and the Layer Weight Node set to 0.8 to make it look realistic since it appears like this in real life.

Reference Image:

Range Rover SVR 2018. The third vehicle complete.

Now to complete the RX350 2016 and then I’ll start rigging the vehicles and combining the pack.

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Really nice. I started modeling CLS Coupe 2018, but the blueprints were off from the top and front too. It’s really nice how you modeled more than one car from those misaligned blueprints.

Thanks. However, the blueprints I’ve used for the Lexus, Land Rover, Audi and Mercedes weren’t completely misaligned.

RX350 Taillights Complete.

Now to complete the mirrors, the door handles and other stuff that needs to be included.

RX350 2016 Complete.

Now to combine them into the pack.

The pack has been combined and is now on Blender Market.

The pack will be fully available after it has been verified for sale.

Great work! The RX350 2016 has a weird body shape.

That’s because it’s like that in real life.

I meant it has a weird body shape in real life :slight_smile:

Since I’ve finished the models, I’ve transitioned from 2.79 to 2.8. The models are complete for now.

BUT I’m not done yet.

Here’s a sneak peek of the trailer I’m making to show off the SUV’s. The location is at Red Bull Hangar-7.

Here’s some progression of the Luxury SUV Pack Trailer.

The area is complete and ready for animation (atleast for now).

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I think you can do a lot better with the ground texture.

I’ve changed the texture already to a proper concrete texture.

I decided to change the lighting to make the animation look dark.

Will you use Evee for animation?