LW>B: equivalent to 'Jitter' function?

In LWM of course there is the old favorite ‘Jitter’. What’s the Blender equivalent?

(I took a cruise thru the Deform Modifiers, but couldn’t get em to work.)

Go to the Textures tab. Create a new Noise (or Clouds or any other type of procedural texture). Add a Displace modifier to your object. Pick the Texture you just created and play with the Mid Level and Strength.

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There is also MESH/TRANSFORM/RANDOMIZE, but tmk it does not allow the use of Vertex Weights to modulate the effect – it’s either all or nothing for Selected verts. If I’m wrong about that, I’d be happy to know.

I wish there were WEIGHT FALLOFFS in direct Blender mesh tools, but they mostly only seemed to be used in Modifiers.

NECRO: just saying: a one-shot command JITTER with xyz parameters would be nice. I find the modifier/texture creation workflow (ridiculously) laborious for such a simple function.