LW > B: lw-style "tweak", restricted to currently Selected verts?

One thing I’m missing from LWM is the behavior of having items ( verts mostly) Selected, but the tool only works directly under the cursor: I’m forgetting the LWM name for this tool but it is essentially a “tweak” tool.

Having the tool’s action limited to only Selected points made it easy to restrict work to only a small subset of the mesh, by ‘pre-selecting’ the points in question.

With the Blender Tweak tool, it can be difficult to select the precise vert one wants to affect in a dense mesh.

How is this different to just making a selection and then using the transform hotkeys? I mean, I haven’t used LW so may not understand something there.

It’s like (B) Transform with very sharp falloff, but explicitly ONLY the vertex directly under the cursor (which is helpfully different for each tool) gets moved.

So, if one wants to pre-select which verts in a dense mesh are going to be edited, It Is Good.

Proportional editing in (B) affects ALL verts, selected and unselected, so it’s a clumsy alternative.

(I’m a bit under the weather today, so this might not be the best explanation - perhasp another LWer can say it better.)

Yes, indeed I’m confused now. First you were talking about Tweak, now proportional editing. If you meant like the soft selection in Maya and Max in which you essentially “paint” the falloff first and then transform, there’s no such thing. Unless you hide the vertices you want to keep first. Someone even posted a script recently that uses a horrible hack to “hide” them but keep them visible.