LW>B: multiple UV maps on a single object? Working with / isolating

In LW, it’s fairly straightforward to have multiple UV maps on an object, because of the nature of Surface/Material assignment in LW versus Blender.

I’m sure there’s a workflow to do so in Blender, but whenever I try to display UV maps in B they seem to be superimposed on one another. I’m sure it can be done, the question is how?

  1. How to show individual UV maps in an Mesh that has multiple UV maps assigned to it? (BTW, the field where I expect it to make the difference, does not): That is: Selected Faces show their UV faces no matter which UV map is selected in UV Editor dialog, Faces from other UV maps will show up in the UVEditor if Selected. Me no likee:

  2. in the UVEditor, what’s the point of the upper right name field if it does not show the UVMap indicated?