lwo and 3ds export no textures

Does anyone know of any commercial exporter plugins for Blender that will do a decent export to lwo or 3ds WITH the textures included?
Or maybe a standalone that will convert .blend to lwo or 3ds?

I tried to hack the lwo exporter to get it to write the texture info but failed miserably.

Reason : I need to import my models into an app that has no modeling capabilities and all I end up with are bare 3D models. Very frustrating!


Try OBJ if you can. 3ds has never had texture support on export, I guess LWO dosent either.

Dosent hurt to provide the name of the app so to better help others solve your problem.

It’s an app called GngModeler that can only read it’s own Gng format and 3DS and LWO.
I could bug the author of the app but it would be so much easier if Blender’s buggy exporters just frigging worked! :x

Blender is like a black box. You can put stuff into it but you can never get it out in a usable format again.