LWO exporter?

Any word on an LWO exporter? I’m trying to export some hair splines to use with FiberFX but the built in exporter is missing. I tried this one Lightwave .lwo exporter: available now.

But all I get is errors and a 0kb .lwo file. I’ve tried several different formats but either they don’t support 2-point polygons or with OBJ the point order is wrong (I’m guessing). I also tried exporting a polygonal sphere with the LWO exporter as a test but it had the same problems. I’m using blender 2.78.


Could you share the files that show the problems? If big, use WeTransfer!
I can be reached at: [email protected]

EDIT: Oh, this isn’t a pm :grimacing:… I’m the LWO exporter programmer.

Use obj export and import into LW modeler and select all in edge mode and copy, delete all and paste the copied edges. Save and load in layout and apply fiberfx.

Thanks for the OBJ info. I never would have thought of that trick with the edges. As a test I just made a quick sphere, put some hair on it, and brushed it a few times, then did the rest in LightWave.

Good. Now you just need to start rendering in Blender so it looks good and render fast with GPU. Almost every aspect of Blender is better than Lightwave. After 20+ years in LW and now 1 year in Blender, it just blows my mind almost every day, its so good.

I knew some one would come along to trash talk LW. And I was just reading in another thread how this forum is all inclusive and welcoming. I came for help not to have my preferred software put down.

Oh my! Relax would you. Somehow you must think blender hair combing is better than in LW, why would you otherwise use it? So maybe other things also can be better, don’t you think? It is just tools…
Don’t trash talk my hammer…:smiley:

Hey Phil, you don’t need to take it personally. Pretty sure that’s meant more of a “come in, the water’s fine” than a “my tools is better than your tool”. I mean, blender is free. It’s always “our” tool :wink:

A lot of us who started with the early lightwave feel abandoned by Newtek and are still frustrated with them. You can simply go to newtek.com and see where their focus is now, I literally had to search to find lightwave 3d mentioned on the page. I’m pretty sure that’s why Stu and Allen left in the first place. Now the same stagnation is happening with modo.

At the same time, we also feel encouraged by the amazing pace that Blender has been making and want to share it. Especially with our old lightwave buddies.

Honestly one of my favorite features about blender is that there is no corporation trying to figure out how to squeeze more profit out of it and cut costs. It’s only about making the best tool ever.

(and you don’t even have to buy a $2,400 switcher- oh I mean dongle, to go with it.) ugh, those were the days

Actually if you want to see where the LightWave focus is you go to lightwave3d.com considering that LightWave 3D Group became separate from NewTek a number of years ago. Why mention dongles? Those also haven’t been used in many years.

You should also know that they moved back to texas and is not separated from newtek anymore, since a couple of years. :slight_smile:

The point still stands. I’m not discussing it any further. That’s not what I’m here for.

Ok, I hope we’ll see some nice fiberfx renders at newtek.com later then. Good luck.