LWO import still broken in 2.45 and request

Hello Ideasman, Ian and others, I recently d/led a newer blender; 2.45

This one seems to contain Ideasman’s version of the LWO importer (from when we were discussing this before) which returns a ‘Python error -check console’ and generates a point cloud and no faces.

The only version of LWO import to date that works (that doesn’t have the problem with triangulation of non-planars or doesn’t generate a point cloud) is Ian C’s version from some months ago.

That works.

Also a related but separate note:

It would be just great if someone who had the time and knowledge could do a little bit more with LWO i/o. Namely support of weights, which would just populate Blender’s vertex groups and also support of multiple UVs, as well as morphs to Blender’s shape keys (assuming those Python hooks are there in Blender to do that -looked like they were from the Blender/Python docs) The ability to both import and export this data in LWOs would be amazing a real bridge for LW users to Blender.

Currently the LWO import supports 1 UV map (as does export), and LWO export will keep a color vertex map from Blender.

I started to give this a go myself as pet project a while back… and by breaking down the lwoimport script in my hacking I got it to identify and maybe read (I think) this data in the LWO but no further due to time then. It will take me a quite a bit more reading and practice and time to be able to do this properly, although I can see it isn’t hard at all.:slight_smile:

test> lwo importer, (blender import)
Successful .lwo (v5.5 format)
Successful .lwo (v6.0 format)
I don’t have any newer .lwo formats.
there may be some format changes in the lwo versions you are using.
where can I get IanC’s version of the script?

Ideasman indicated it might be something to do with the Python version before. I’m running blender-2.45-darwin-8.10.1-i386, (Python 2.3?), before I was using a PPC version, blender-2.44-OSX-10.3-py2.3-powerpc, so same Python I guess.

Same old LWOs, indeed I just tried it with a plain cube made in Modeler, Ideasman’s script creates an error and a point cloud, Ian’s script loads it fine, it’s the only one that works for me.

I don’t think there has been any changes in Lightwave object format since v6 off the top of my head… there was a thing that appeared re surface compatibility 8.5 vs Default, but in practice I don’t think that makes any difference to blender.

ah, I’m on windows, blender 2.45 python 2.5.1
I wonder if the python version has something to do with it.
I just noticed some custom osx builds on blender.org for Blender 2.45 with Python 2.5
I would try that. Hopefully that will fix your problem.

This could be an endian issue, (powerpc reads binary different by default) best thing to do is 1) make sure you have the up to date script, 2) provide a LWO that bombs. Then we can test and sombody with a PowerPC can check and fix the problem.