LWO imports

Problem: I import lwo models my friend made. Nothing goes wrong. However, sometimes when i try to hit “TAb” and edit a mesh, blender crashes. Some meshes work fine, others just crash me.

What can I do to fix this? I really do need it fixed b/c we will be entering a 3d competition with him using lightwave and myself using blender, so we have to make sure our files are interchangable.

Thanks in advance,

Make sure the LWO does not contain ngons, i.e. faces with more than 4 vertices would be one idea. Another is to turn subsurfaces off in LW.


There is a problem, I’ve got the boy’s looking into this problem already, this occurs when the LW models are over 60k and python 2.4xx.

Quick fix, load your LW model then export as “.obj” format, then import the .obj file.

Or install python 2.3xx and blender 2.36 or try 2.37a

These posts over two years ago. I’m a “former” Lightwave user new to Blender and am on 2.47, OS X 10.4.11. This still doesn’t work importing LWO files into Blender and the open in LW and export as OBJ isn’t an option for me since the LW exporter is broken.

I really don’t feel like re-installing LW and going through such hoops only to find that may not resolve this issue. Are there any updates, something I’m missing, some import/export helper?


Im a lightwave user, so if you like I could convert your objects to obj for you, or at least one to test if it works…

Thank you, that is very kind but it’s not a REAL need. It’s one of those things where I’d like to have them if I need them and it seems odd to me that Blender has had a LWO import option that has been broken for some time now, yet the application gets updated faster than the documentation or tutorials.

EDIT: I got the export out of LW working. I actually pulled up the manual once again–gee, imagine that.

Now if I can only get the OBJ files to import into Blender as something more than a pink dot, I’m in business. They open fine in a couple of other apps.

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