Lwo imports?

I noticed something odd when trying to import and lwo file in blender 2.78. The import instead created some frankly nonsense geometry of no relation to the model I was trying to import. BUT… I tried it again using blender 2.65 (still around on my system) and the import came in with all the geometry ok. Any thoughts as to why the lwo import has got worse in the newer blender version?
Yours appreciatively

Any thoughts on this yet?

Yep, I found this, I specifically keep 2.65 on my system simply because the LWO importer is vastly superior to the later versions.
One “gotcha” to bear in mind, Blender really does not like LW curves, so I tend to turn them into 2-pt poly chains in LW before pulling them in to Blender to work on. Pretty much the only reason LW 9.6 is still on my PC is for tweaking objects to pull into Blender now.