LW's SmoothShift = Blender's ?

I was reading a lightwave tutorial and they built the model primarily by using a tool called SmoothShift. It sounds alot like Extrude with something extra. Any clues if I could do something similiar in blender?

You can in a sense. When you’ve used the Bevel tool, use the B key and deselect verts with the Middle mouse button (or ALT and left mouse button.) then move the verts as desired.

Not quite the same as the Smoothshift tool but the best I can think of.


Well, I think it corresponds to the Extrude operation (E). Just move the verts afterwards. I don´t think any extra goes on in here. I´ve used the LW smooth shift and I´m pretty sure it´s the same.

it also creates edge loops… and works with polygonal faces instead of vertices.

Ok thanks guys, I will try combinations of extrude and bevel, luckily for me there were lots of pictures in this tutorial, so I should be able to get real close. :stuck_out_tongue: