lycanthrope animation rig first try..

ive started a new character just for animating… ive done a basic rig of the face, but all the poses look forced… does anyone have some suggestions?

Maybe bring the mouth out a little bit… she does look forced but I cant put my finger on it… almost like there are no cheeks(indents where dimples would be) or chin maybe… makes the mouth look glued on… otherwise cool looking model LOL

reminds me of the little kid from Jumanji… remember when he got turned into a monkey or whatever? remember how his face looked… just a start…


well ive worked alittle bit on the face, and started rigging the rest of the body… alot of deformation problems, im slowly fixing em tho…

well, ive played with the textures a little bit, im scared of the textures im going to have to make for her… debating on what hair color looks better:

forgot to add the pictures lol