Lyeb's den

ive been crap at cg for almost a decade maan. here be blender doodles.
mostly cartoony & lowpoly. no real interest in pursuing realism to be honest.

i handpaint albedo in krita, then generate additional maps with Materialize from that.
usually mix them with with ao/cavity/normal baked in blender.
and all is rendered in UPBGE 0.2.4, obviously.

so, lets begin.

blood flask. 320 tris. the liquid is shapekey animated so the potion depletes as you use it.

playing around in viewport.

heres a staple of lazy game art, the box and the barrel. 288 & 272 tris, respectively. yeah i be adding those spicy extra loops for silhouettes sake. little bit of faux metalness on these two – the ol reflection mapped matcap trick, though its very very subtle.

EDIT: quick metalness rework. check it outs.
basique, addition around sharp edges and darken everything else. what could ever go wrong?
oh yes. added another fake reflection material. roughness now interpolates between the two.
but all in all, the way im using it, only means sharper highlights and specular.
still pwretty cool. check it outs.


heres another classic: the lamp post. 322 tris all pieces included.
the lamp and the post are two separate meshes, plus an additional plane for the halo.

a point light is located at the center of the lamp and it affects the brightness and color of the glowey zone. the halo is also affected.

im not really happy about the way i painted the wood. ugh. looks pretty bad to me.
the metal tho i think came out way better.

viewport video. here i demonstrate what happens with different lamp intensity and color.



lets go thing by thing. i made a bunch of assets and packed them into the same texture until i ran out of space, then made bit of a scene from it.

we have,

  1. a wooden table, 198 tris
  2. some scrolls, 96 tris each
  3. a big ol book, 114 tris
  4. candle holder, 328 tris (these toruses maan)
  5. the candles themselves, 166 tris
  6. a metal dish i guess. 60 tris

plus some planes for the tiny flames and halos. eh, you get the idea.

the candles melt over time when you run the engine. just a very very basic shapekey thing, once again. the lights fade away once the flame starts dying out. obligatory video: