Lying Down

Yep - it’s a monkey and not suzanne. I will add the eyes later, and I want to join the face to the woollen jacket, so there is some some more fur. Basically since I have only 256 meg ram on me laptop, I will have to carefull and keep the fur small - the dino and monkey will appear cool together.


make a neck…then join the neck to the body and fill in the faces…

Looks good but the yellow one looks a little odd to me. It might be because some of the hair is completely the same length and flat you know? Just doesn’t look natural. Might want to add some length and randomness there. Great start!

Thanks Dudebot13. I want an image that is not quite the traditional image and most original. Most of the stuff on TV that the ankle biters watch these days are of that genre. So that is why I want a combination that kind of stands out.

And @ lil “g” - you have made an exceptionally valid comment that I value. So now I will try to dream the reminder of the body - for some reason polka “shorts” that reach really high spring to mind, with thin gangly legs.

your right… polka shorts kinda seem to fit…lol

Here’s the eyes. I had to reduce the fur so my laptop could render it with the 256 megs. I thinks I will have to ask a mate to render it for when the size becomes too much.


Looks better. The fur could be more uniform to me. Seems like it is thicker in some places than in others. Just doesn’t look like realistic fur. But good progress, can’t wait to see more!