blender training

I heard has the blender training out, I already seen a torrent for it… which figures…

Go buy it, the essential maya is just basically the same as in the official maya manual with a few little tricks. If you read the blender wiki the trainin will probobly simplify the manual and get you going.

thanks for posting - I’m the author of the course. There’s already another thread on it, but thanks anyway. I’ve reported the torrent to Lynda’s legal team.

papa dont get down if sales aren’t great, i suspect it’s more timming than anything else if sales are very low. people are waiting for 2.5 and tutorials. perhaps you could start with the svn and start making tutorials useing the area’s that wont change, then addin more subject as more is finalized in 2.5 development so that you have a 2.5 version ready when 2.5 launches. being a noob i could be wrong, but being a noob 2.5 is what i lust after. and noobs are the ones that are going to need the tutorials the most.

thanks rdo3. Lynda and I will do our best to keep the training up-to-date as best as possible, given these financial times we have. Yes, the next annual update will include 2.5 UI if released, but the core functionality that you see as a user - modeling, animtion, compositing, sequencing, etc) is not going to change in 2.5. There will be more features, of course, but if what I’ve already recorded doesn’t really change, I won’t re-record it because it has new colors (in fact, one of the first videos I apply a new color theme already).