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Blender is a powerful open-source tool for 2D and 3D graphics, full-on animation, compositing, and post-production. It is used to create movies and special effects, even in HD. In Blender Essential Training, Roger Wickes offers new Blender users a thorough explanation of its interface, tools, and features. He also demonstrates practical techniques and shows how to access the online and openndash;content resources of this amazing tool. Specific 3D techniques covered include navigating in 3D space, using cameras and lights, and rendering. Roger demonstrates how to rig, animate, and composite a character over live action. Exercise files accompany the course.

If I sing up does that mean that I can view those videos? Or do I have to pay?Thanks.

Nope even dancing up wont help. :no: You have to buy those in order to view. Some of them are free you can only watch them online. :yes:

Or you can do what many people do and goggle one torrent with the files and download them for free.

I hope one day it will stop heppening because many times we try to make some money with our efforts e dedication.

Best regards.

thats a big big no, even posting this as a suggestion,
cause believe it or not many people will/would actually take that suggestion.

Nice, but in the “using Blender’s full capabilities” video he says that Blender started out as an in-house tool developed at an advertisement agency called Not a Number…

Can you spot the error? :yes:

(hint: )

my bad. it was too long ago for me to remember clearly.

Seriously though, as the author of that series, I can tell you that it was a lot of hard work by a lot of people, all up front, based on the hope for sales. So please, sign up, even if it is for a month, and enjoy my course! If you have any question, comments or suggestions, please post them to this thread. If there are good sales, then we can afford for me to go back into the studio around the beginning of 2010 for an update.

I have watched some of the free videos, and this is really looking awesome!
You are explaining things in a pleasant and understandable way, so this is going to be great learning ressource. Well done!

Its gonna take me few months until im able to pay for it. I just started this new job so I need to accumulate some money.

@kareka…I know I can download torrent but I simply choose not to. Thanks anyway.

just a note,
if you subscribe to, you can also view videos for other programs… they have huge library in which you could find tutorials for Flash, 3dsmax, Dreamweaver, PHP, Photoshop… etc etc…

Great news!
Blender is going mainstream…

Nicely done, but hah, those were the most complicated instructions I’ve ever seen to open Blender on a Mac :wink: You know you can also just double-click the app icon? You won’t get the console, but as you say in the video it’s not needed for artist work.

I’m currently a subscriber to learn to use Adobe Creative Suite, so great to see some Blender material there. Definitely I’ll be checking it out.

I noticed on the side bar the videos will be released on a dvd. Do you know how much they plan on selling them for PapaSmurf?

linuxpimp: no, i don’t, but I will find out and edit this post when I do. They don’t press the DVD until there has been a good track record of sales. You all should be proud that “Blender” has been their #1 search request from their website. They are expecting a good response, obviously, since they fronted all the money to produce the course. So, I would hope they make the decision to press a dvd in the next two months, the press it and make it available for sale. The Maya DVD is $150, so I would think they would price it somewhere near that, but as I say, it is really out of my hands.

Congratulations, Roger. This is great. I was surprised to see this, as I requested Blender tutorials from a while ago. Already watched the introduction, and, after posting this, off to start the series. Lynda is a great resource as a designer/developer, so check it out (for those who don’t know what it is).

Any chance of further instructions with Lynda? Thanks again.

Hey Voodoo! Yes, I have an annual update commitment, if sales go well, to go back out to LA and in the studio for two weeks with my producer to record. I will have to start writing the course around October, lay down practice tracks in November, record in December, and then editing and testing and post-production begins. For this course, it took me 2 months to write the course and develop the exercise files and practice. I then spent two weeks in the studio with my producer recording the raw footage. They then edited it and sent it all to a testing house in Canada, who came back with hundreds of discrepancies. We fixed alot of those and then they sent it to an e-learning consultant who came up with more issues. I then flew back out to LA for another week where we re-recorded some videos. Those went back through editing and now it is released.

Kareka, I hope you read this post and understand the amount of work it takes to produce something like this, and hope you realize that we all (me, my editors, my producer, the testers) got no income while we did all this work - it was all paid from our savings - the airfare, the rent, the food, the electric, everything. All the revenue now has to come from subscriptions to pay us back. If it doesn’t, I’ll be stuck with a huge credit card bill i can’t pay, and will be stuck with a tab of, I would guess, a thousand man-hours of labor (at $50 per hour, $50,000 plus overhead) that they can’t pay. Only by asking each person to pay a little bit, and hoping that there are thousands who do, can training like this come into being and stay around. Each illegal bit-torrent hurts me badly and Lynda and the future of Blender. Lynda employs lawyers to file law suits and seek damages against both the torrent maker and the hosts for illegally distributing stolen material across state lines. So far, Lynda has been very successful in prosecuting and obtaining money from people who make or host torrents of Lynda’s courses.

A huge concern is that this is the first open-source product Lynda is offering training on. So a big question is, since people get the software for “free”, are they going to expect everything else for free, or are they going to rip us off rather than pay, etc. Only the balance of our planet’s moral fibre will tell. So, if you see a bit torrent of my copyrighted material, because of the work and effort that I have previously given to the Blender community, and the fact that I gotta eat, please say no to torrents of my course. Thanks.

And you also have a book coming !!!

Do you Know when the DVD version is going to be available?

Sorry abut my last question I need to read more carefully