lyp sinking question now with an animation

to lyp sink good do i have to use magpie???


You can do lip-sync entirely in Blender if you’re willing to put in a little time. See the link in my sig for a primer.

I use JLipsync (java-based lipsync program) to lay down the general flow of the audio. Then I simply import the keysheet into Blender and start to work from the frame numbers. :wink:

or is there a free ware lipsync program???

I think Papagayo is free. I don’t know how it works or what you do with it but a Google search should turn up the developer page.

JLipsync is free. :wink:

(Though it may be too much like magpie for you liking. But it’s still free :D)

i might be bumping an old thread, over a year old, but i thought that i shouldnt make a whole new thread wen i can just post here

i was wondering, is there a way to export your sheet from papagayo into blender?


UPDATE: i found that if i just went into the text editor and selected the .pgo, it still opend, and this is wat i saw

i was wondering if some one could tell me what im seeing, i have an idea but ide just like to hear it from someone who is completely sure about it.

you have to use the BlenderLipSynchro script in the “animation” section of the scripts window. This script imports the output from Papagayo. But I will tell you that I spent alot of time trying to automate lip syncing and finally I listened to AndyD and now I do it by hand in blender. It actually takes less time if you do it all in Blender.

OK, how do u make shapekeys with the orange dude

I have played with the mancandy (orange guy) model and I believe it has a skeleton based rig for facial expressions but not lip sync phonemes. What I do is add a new shape key and it automatically gets named “basis”. Then I add another shape key and call it “AI”. Then go into mesh edit mode and shape the mouth to look like it is saying “AI”. Go back into object mode and add another shape key and call it “E” or “MPB” or whatever phoneme you want and shape it in edit mode. There is lots of info on this forum on how to do this but I have a secret technique that I wonder if others are doing. I use sculpt mode to shape my phonemes instead of going into edit mode. But you have to click the little thumtack image to the left of the shapekey name before you start sculpting and then click it off when you are done. Oh no, now it’s not secret anymore - I don’t like secrets anyway.

could i just add a pose instead of a shape key? like an AI pose and E pose and use the action editor to just shift d the poses and slide them over to where they need to be, if u no wat i mean

i have a lipsync, and i rendered the animation, and i also remembered to mixdown it, but i cant manage to atach the audio with the video, the closest ive gotten is in jahshaka, i added the audio and the video together but wen i run it, it makes the audio all choppy for some dum reason… virtual dub is shatty, was wondering if there is any freeware out there that will actually work, or wat you other guys use

finally figured out jahshaka, its like blender, it seems useless untill u learn the interface

i dont no wats with the creepy frames that pop up

EDIT: the link isnt workin, ill figure it out

now it is