Lyric Video - Take it away by Karmin (first big project)

Hi fellow artists,

I have always enjoyed lyric videos on youtube as it is a great way to learn the words to songs. I was inspired when I saw the one for Katy Perry’s ET as it is so well done and very cool. Having never tried something like this before, I wasn’t sure what I was in for. So far I’ve put in about a days worth of work, but a bit of that was spent learning and spinning my wheels as I started to model each letter curve by curve, but then I decided to just learn how to load fun fonts. I think I can definitely do more with the 3-d aspect of blender as what i’m doing could almost all be done easily in a 2d program, but it is working well for me. I figure if it can do 3-d, why not use it for 2d?

I still need to do colors and better lighting, but i’ve been putting that off with the main priority to do the transitions and get the timing down. Please give me any suggestions, advice, complaints, tomatoes, etc.

link to Katy Perry ET lyric video

2 things that bugged me on your video are:
1st the timing seems off, or that it would look more precise if u could animate word by word more, whole sentences just rolling from right to left aren’t visually most appealing to me.
2nd thing also gomes from the fact u animate to many word at the same time (with same effect) is dynamics. Rotate, zoom, scale etc more ur words, add different background effects probably etc, to add more more movement and diversity, different fonts are good, just dont make ur fonts just scroll from one side to another that’s not typography animation really :eyebrowlift2:

for inspiration:

you can always type typography animation into yt for more :wink:

start is good, just needs alot of more work


Thanks, I did that all in almost one sitting and towards the end started realizing i could really get creative, like when “out” zooms and yeah just bumps. I’ll try to tone down the scrolling. It really is just a lazy way to make it work. As far as background and colors go I haven’t done anything for that yet, is there any easy way to have the background image change? maybe i’ll just use planes with pictures uv mapped to them.

Looking back over it again, I can see how scrolling from the side really doesn’t work out well. Scrolling from below seems to look alot better though.

So I’ve been working on this on and off to add color and fix the timing somewhat. However I need to fix the timing on the “gonna call my name” object. I must kick myself though for not noticing my computer was set to power save mode as opposed to high performance mode and this drastically slowed my processor speed. I’m not sure when I turned that on, but i’m glad i realized my foible. Here is the latest version I have rendered so far. Comments and critiques are welcome. Also any suggestions on a free video editing package? I think I need to start rendering parts at a time and then compile them later. Also I guess adding the sound in post render would save a bit of time as well. I have about 3000 more frames to go to have the whole song done. I also have been improving my workflow and am making somewhat less reduntant things. Mainly I am converting the text objects to mesh objects and then duplicating and deleting until i have each word or letter as a single object depending on the desired effect. I also realized how important it is to know what effect you want to create before modeling the word.

Ok so the first seconds I like, so good job on that. As for the rest…
Change the roller coaster text somehow. It is too wavy and fast and really hard to read.
Also “maybe I’m just not cut out” goes by very fast again not easily readable so do something different. I like the zoom in on the “out”.
When “call my name” appears again, it goes away waaaay to slowly. make it go up slow then jerk up really fast.
I dont like the colors on the “Take it away” part till the end. and dont make the text backwards.

Hope that can make it better, keep going.

Thanks DDD. I agree on the sidescrolling and am not sure that it can work. I do like the rolling effect of the roller coaster part, but I agree it is kinda blurry. I wonder if strobing it along a longer curved path that starts bottom right camera and curves like a roller coaster, but typing/strobing along the path. Does that make sense? Does it sound like a good idea? Should I put forth the effort to test it out?