M-249 Saw Machine Gun

This is my second gun I have every made. I’ve had blender for about like 5 to 5 and a half months now. Tell me what you guys think. Also do you think I have what it takes to enter the Blender World Cup. I’m thinking about entering it because I’ve seen some of the stunning work some people have made and I was like holy crap!:eek:


I can’t see any picture

Looks pretty good, you seem to have an aweful lot of lights, though. While this helps to brighten the overall scene, ambient occlusion does a much better job, though it is slow! Also, there are some different places (like the ammo box) that have really sharp edges, beveling them would help a lot!

You have the basic shape right but almost all of the details are wrong.

Might want to look over some pictures of a real one or (less preferably) carry one around for a year…they make fine grappling hooks in the jungle.

I would have to strongly disagree with you on that. I did all of the details from a reference image I found on the internet. I even did the small details inside of the gun.

As far as entering the BWC, only you know if you have what it takes… And it takes enormous amounts of time, and skill, plus some spark of inspiration. If you’re skills aren’t quite ready, then it just takes a lot more time. Maybe you should give it a good shot, just for the learning experience.