M-4 Assault Rifle

Just starting a project working on a M-5 assault rifle. I wont have much time in the next week and a half, due to exams, but i am still going to try and do some work.

I got the handle done, and now i have some questions.

The modeling is fine but in general, what should i be doing to get better anit-ailising. Ive noticed that my renders, when using yafray, GI quality best, and method full, aa with 4 passes, with 4 samples, and oversampling level 16, it still inst smooth :(.

what should i do to fix this?

C&C welcome on model so far


nice i can tell the stock took some time

AO is almost alway a little grainy as far as I know, maybe add a few lights (it looks like you don’t have any).

The stock looks great. The rest of the gun though looks way to small compared to it. And the angle of the grip should be flat on the bottom. Keep it up though, it should come out great.

If you need detailed pictures of your m-4, just let me know. I have a civilian knock-off of the m-4. The only differences between the knock-off and the real thing are the full auto components and a barrel extension. I must say though, you certainly are showing one heck of an attention to detail so far.

thanks for all the advice.
I’m not talking necessarily about blurrinesses though but the rough, pixilated edges.

as far as the handle, its not supposed to be flat to the ground, but probably is overly angled, I’l fix that as best as i can. and the body does seem slightly small now u mention it

heres one of the references so you can see what i mean:

I’m good with references though i found a bunch thanks for offering though

EDIT: here it is with the fixed handle and body, with a bit of detail.


sry bout the double post.

i got some work done on the body and clip, and added some detail to the handle. There is now a grip. That took a while to get the array and booleans to work correctly.


lookin great!

Dude thats lookin sweet,
I love the grip, nice work,

Fantastic work!

started on the upper body, and i have a render of both sides now. their fairly different.