M-79 Grenade Launcher, Textured, And with Reload Animation.

Here’s a M79 Grenade Launcher. It has Reload Animation, and it is Textured. Feel Free to use it in any of your games. Im going to put it in my game as a Net Gun:D
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m79Netgun.blend (271 KB)

good model and it looks good in fps mode but the stock is realy bad

p.s. set the barell to set smooth

NICELY DONE!!! Very good job. Nice textures and modeling, too. The animation for reloading is pretty good, but I think the old bullet shell should fly out faster.

Nice job!:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your responses. Good idea to set the barrel to smooth. I know the stock sucks. I’m fixing it right now.

I don’t think it should fly out faster because a hand is supposed to take it out.

The barrel is way too highpoly in proportion to the rest of the model, also try not to use reference images for textures. use it as a base and then texture the top,bottom front& back

Thanks for your reply about texturing. I’ll do better texturing on my next gun. I just started blender a couple months ago so i don’t really know that much about it yet.

You’re doing great dude :wink: Btw when you feel that you are good enough to make a game…don’t. Loads of people start on huge projects only to fail later on. Start small, think epic.

A simple handgun…


Handgun.blend (99.2 KB)

I’ve made games in Opengl and Direct3D. I’ve made a FPS in C# and DarkGDK. I’ve made games in Pygame and PyOpengl. I know how to finish a project.

That awesome man.

Thanks for your response!

basically repeating what moffboffjoe seid insead of just slapping on a image of a gun from google images try unwrapping the model just search google for “blender uv unwrapping tutorial” then you can texture more effeciently and have more control when making your own textures. heres a example i made of a uv unwapped object:

I know how to do this, and I have the book “Mastering Blender” and it taught me how to do it right. I just to lazy to do it on the models I give out for free. i do it in all my game models though.