M-933 Carbine

All right, my HDD got busted so I lost almost all my projects (I’ve got a copy of the battlecruiser in Gmail) and I decided to try something else…
The M-933 is basically a version of the M4A1 with shorter barrel. Here’s a picture of it:

Now I’ve got an airsoft version of it so I won’t be posting any more references. Started like two hours ago, here’s what I’ve made so far:

I’m certainly not the fasterst modeller around, that’s for sure :slight_smile: Anyways, quite a few things gave me trouble and it looks like I’m better off without using the boolean modifiers (some screwups in the upper section of the model). C&C welcome :slight_smile:

Hey speed isn’t everything. If you get the job done right, speed will come with practice. Just take your time and get it right the first time. And it looks like you are doing just that. Can’t really crit right now, looks on target! Good luck!

Hey, thanks for the motivation :slight_smile:
Anyways, school’s “kicking hard” this week so I don’t have a lot of free time. Made some progress now, here it is:
Mostly worked on the trigger part of the gearbox’s shell. I’ve only got one annoying curve to do now, so that should be a piece of cake to finish… hopefully today :slight_smile: