M.C.Escher's Impossible Waterfall

This is based off an artwork by M.C.Escher. It is an impossible waterfall.

It is impossible because the water runs along a flat surface, but then drops vertically onto the same level. Similar shapes (impossible triangles) are included into the right pillar.
Were this mechanic possible in real life, we would have infinite energy from this device.
Because it’s an illusion, this is what it looks like from a different angle:

The camera uses orthographic view, which is basically the same as zero field of vision. You get the same view from pressing 5 on the number pad in the 3D object editor. This is what allows the illusion to work, because objects will appear the same size no matter how far into the background/foreground they are.

The artwork is also heavily inspired by Monument Valley, an iPhone game which makes use of impossible geometry. I would highly recommend the game if you want your mind blown.

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Wow, very cool! I like the style. :slight_smile: