M. Mouse 1920-2007 R.I.P.


Hope that made someone laugh :slight_smile:
I am in a weird mood today.

Suddenly Iā€™m not having such a bad day! Thanks :slight_smile:

Haha. Thats funny for a few reasons. But what exactly hit him? Looks strange

Iā€™m guessing from the consistency and color that it was albatross.

Hi VorpalBlade and Crititrozoz,

I was thinking it was cow dung while modeling it, but Albatross works too.
Poor guy never saw it coming :slight_smile:

If anyone wants the textures or models I used in this scene, here is the blend file.

looks like the lightwave logo. :wink:

Yea! it does look like a lightwave logo :slight_smile:

haha would that imply lightwave=shit?


yea, StompinTom

either that or LW killed M. Mouse.