this is a concept for a graphic novel i’m planning to develop. i was working on this image for the past 5 weeks (on and off) and i guess it turned out quite ok even though i’m not completely satisfied. thanks to slikdigit i was able to make some last minute improvements, thanks a bunch!

the final comp in gimp is quite insane, over 100 layers at 5000x3000 which made gimp crawl even more than usual.
moonman got a complete redesign, remodeling and texturing after the 3Dworld magazine cover biz, now he is closer to my original idea. anyway… this is gonna be interesting.

so here goes nothing…





first post!
I was just kidding… it was much better before my suggestions >:)

anyhow, great poster, when can we expect the full graphic novel? what’s the name of moonman’s friend?

5 stars and a moon :smiley:
excellent work!

Great work, only thing I’m not to keen on are her eyes. Good red/blue theme going on.
Graphic novel sounds interesting.



If I said I only loved his tattoo, I’d be lying. :slight_smile:

I love it.
My only advice would be to add some glow to moonman…
5 stars.

the lightsources seem to be conflicting between her left side and moonman’s back.

This really has that movie poster feel.

ill skip the obvious praise because you dont need more ‘OMG!!!’ or ‘BEST RENDER EVER’…
ditch the girl, or at least redo her face/head and posture. this pose makes her look like some weird doll thats suspended from strings. ‘her’ face is more inhuman mask than face and her neck is huge. what if she was more thin/delicate and was looking at her gun arm? at least angled towards the light so that her head isnt just some ill-defined dark blob.

lovin’ the moonman, the lighting is great on him. he looks a little like Suzanne hm?

the design/title motif should be either expanded on or turfed. right now it looks pasted on as an afterthought. what if the design was worked into the background so that it fades in around the title and stays subtle behind the rest of the scene? some more continuity would be good.

the fire looks great, but the area around moonman’s head is lacking some (subtle) texture or background info. off balance.

altogether a pretty fucking outstanding piece.

Wow! Really cool! Nice colours, and I love the swirly things around the text. Moonman looks great! However, I think a little more contrast between different parts of the girl could add just a little bit more to this image.


A W E S O M E !


I also agree that the girl looks slightly out of place. It think it is mainly the pose that’s not that great.

There are also a few jaggies around the edges…

I like the red ‘thing’ in the top right corner :smiley:


What I don’t understand, why does every1 think this is so good?

:pNo only joking, this is another awesome piece! Even me being colourblind, I like the colours! I agree somewhat about the girl looking out of place, but I’m not sure it’s to do with the pose…

All in all ACE!

GREAT PIECE! Can’t wait to read the novel!

I tend to agree about the comments regarding the girl too.

Other than that, it’s great.


total kickassness man, good luck with the novel.

Sorry, punning intended… I really like the scale of the characters to each other, opposites and balance, and the colors are right on. Do we get a background on the story somwhere, or do we have to send our checks for 19.99 :slight_smile:
The mask look to the girl might be intentional, so no real crit there, but I’d liek to see another pose - it could be a little more dramatic. I’m really interested in seeing the panels, though, since the story telling will be the focus of the composition.

Maxing stuff there @ndy! Really greeat! Agree about the girl though. But other than that… WOW! You are soo talentet!

Freaking awesome.

Well here’s my crit. The girls anatomy doesn’t seem right. So I made a quick gif of the changes I feel is needed.

This is very well executed. I see some parallels between this and Hellboy / Liz Sherman (Big guy and woman with blue flames). Are you a Mignola fan?

The kirlian style electric aura on the woman is very effectively realized. Great job on the compositing and composition.