Love the colors and all, but the girl has some issues.
Moonman is badass. :slight_smile:

Thank you for showing us this @ndy. Your work reminds me that the power to produce quality lies with the artist not the software.

ah, killer strong girl with gun
superior alphafemale

This is a great concept! Strong peiece of work :slight_smile:
I think the gif picture(page 1) for the girl says it all already
-You should definitly keep the colors and lighting though, personally nI feel it keeps the mood
*one question though: may I see a shot of you models unrenderd? Ive been studying modeling and sculpting and I just want to see the details(if its not too much trouble)
-once again, fanntastic job! 5 stars

Very nice…great poster…

the new changes are much better, REALLY COOL!

Yay, anther Moonman picture, i am especially pleased.:evilgrin:

Five star work, great again.

i rekon this is absolute crap
y would u make a thing on this and waste ur time
atleast make sumthin cool like a car or sumthin ya nerd!!!

@ bigbad: small changes but huge effect, the girl is much better in your version!!

@ blender expert: you’re a fan of irony, aren’t you? ^^

Blender xpert is a troll. Ignore him.


Nice work. I like the girl the way she is, more character, less stereotype.

I’d like to see the node setup from this piece.
Bledner xpert, if you’re criticizing it this way, that show’s you’re not an xpert and fucking around here.


very nice!

Blender xpert: Why the hell do you say such crappy things? Just because you dont like it, you dont have to offend @ndy. Your jerk. 1th person for my ingnore list.

i dont know why people even bother to react to shit disturbers. thats how they get off.

explain :slight_smile:

ie. someone posts something completely stupid and irrational/insulting and the next 4 pages of the thread are flooded with everyone bitching about how that person is a jerk and dont-listen-to-this-guy-@ndy-the-rest-of-us-like-it talk that is absolutely useless and boring.
stay on-topic i say and ignore the bastards. the thread is about the work, not about how much everyone loves eachother.

EDIT: fuck. i guess that makes me a hypocrite then. but i just had to point that out.

*edit. Fligh took care of it, no need to leave the quote now.

This is stunning- you are still one of the most impressive 3d artists in my eyes. As said already, the proportions of the girl need work and something about her face makes the piece seem less realistic (other than the glowing white eyes.) Good luck on the graphic novel!

Could you guys please stick to the subject of the thread and let @ndy deal with the comments himself? I appreciate the reports but I think he’s big enough to handle trolls appropriately.


wow this is really cool work and awesome good job and just keep going with your project.

This is amazing stuff! I can’t wait to see the full thing! I hope you’ve got a great story to go w/ those super characters. For the record, I love the gun. Great detail. Don’t give up on this, you have a good thing going.