M$ *ordered to* cough up $521 million

read it here:

This makes for a good argument against those who think that government has no place regulating business. What would MS do without the government regulating business: break into your home and steal your inventions?

I beg to differ, if reverse engernearing or compiling where legal, they would only lose money on what they make.

Good point. They wouldn’t have to charge 50$/ hour for telephone support for s*** operating system that crashes every time junior comes up with 20k of malicious code on his computer in his bedroom and decides to spread it around.

Ok, really, i have a couple of things to say.

First of all, why does everybody think that windows is a crappy operating system. I’ve never had my windows xp computer crash, freeze, or do anything out of the ordinary, other than illegal operation crashes of programs every now and then. Seriously, i think windows is one of the better OS’s out there. I had more freezes on my uncle’s mac running OSX than on win xp.

Second, i think other MS products are better than others. Internet Explorer is my favorite web browser, netscape kinda sucks and takes too long to load. People should stop complaining and make something better than microsoft’s stuff.


Pooba: try firebird: http://www.mozilla.org/products/firebird/


windows xp is pretty good (but its still windows). I run it on my computer and have to say it works perfectly (just linux is even better imo).

and firebird, thats real sweat, I use it in windows and linux :smiley:

500 mio is nothing for ms …
it wont even appear on theyr end-of-year report … peanut …

What is it everyone’s got against microsoft?

Windows=crap! Why? It’s Microsoft! And? And what!

Widows is one of the better operating systems IMHO and the fact is that most progs are designed for windows and most websites are designed for ie. If they weren’t I might have the inclination to get somthing else, but for the reasons I’ve stated then it’s not worth the effort. People seem to hate all microsoft things, especially the x-box. The x-box isn’t all that bad, and it’s got some good features. I wish people would stop being unnessisarily predjudice against microsoft without good reason.

qiv: too true, too true.

Can’t we all just get along? Linux and Windows can co-exist. I do virtually everything with Windows, but I’m preparing to set up a dual boot system with WinME and Linux Suse. Problem solved. I don’t like Windows, I can just reboot and start Linux. I decide Linux is too difficult to install programs on, I go back to Windows. It is not that critical.

its not always microsoft products - from experience i know that there are a lot of better products that are cheaper/free - its theyre attitude, and the fact that they STEAL. this is just one example. They violate international law in every possible way, seriously. remember the suit that started in 1998 (i think)? if it wouldnt have failed microsoft would not exist anymore, it would be portioned and sold to other companies. what microsoft does behind the scenes sucks - although the frontend looks good (software).

llook, the problem is not, that microsoft is the strongest so at the moment and .net the most powerfool suite for a whole manufacture with thousands of pcs with best support - the problem is, how they deal with licences and theyr “monopole”.

  • ie is the most popular browser. is this a reason, to add special features, so that many pages get designed in a way, other users cant really see them?
  • my school cant buy windows xp, they would have to pay every year for licences. they are not able to pay it - so we have to switch to linux.
  • icq is an original - messenger just a copy… i am an icquser of old days, but most nubs just have msn, cause its biult in …
  • m$ office does not really develop, it just gets slower and slower, but with more messy animations of the lovely helping system :roll:

… just a few examples … and true blenderheads use linux, just cause the speed - many m$tools are just crap…

I don’t think Linux is any faster, it takes longer to boot up then MS.

You mean the GUI takes longer, right?


hmm maybe its just my heavily tuned linux system but I have to say it boots a bit faster than my windows xp setup. The only thing that slows it down is the fact that I have to type my login, password, and startx. The overall start time (not counting those 3 steps) is faster than windoze.

You mean the GUI takes longer, right?


Oh, yea, maybe there should be just a GUI version of Linux, like Windows 9X.

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you sooooooooo don’t know what you are talking about.


hehe, nope. Maybe it’s my computer setup, I should try running it on my computer one of these days, it has 1.3 athon, more then 200MB of ram and a DFI Infinity with KT400 chipset.

I have good reasons. The controller is the size of a turkey, and the games all suck.

bah, this discussion is stooopid