M1 Abrams (incl. blend and tutorial)


Rendered with cycles.
Download the model here
View the tank tracks tutorial here

btw, it’s rigged in one plane and textures+licencing are included in the blend file

Nice, did you make it, or was it made by someone else.

haha i’ll take that as a compliment! It’s all mine

Nice :D, you should, it looks good enough to be a professional model, thanks for showing, only small critique has got to be the bricks in the background :smiley: they dont look very brickish :smiley:

Nah… not detailed enough… it’s kinda incomplete (mostly in the places that that pic doesn’t show) in that sense. But thanks anyway :slight_smile:

hahah, well thats because the camera isnt showing it lol :D, but honestly Im sure many people would buy the model if placed in a model display sales area like Turbosquid :smiley:

Just saw it on Facebook, great work. Although when I open it my computer crashes about 90% of the time… That’s not YOUR fault. That would be HP’s fault :wink:

Lol a friend of mine was saying the same thing… and I thought my computer was bad :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha "D my computer does fine :smiley: