M1 Abrams Tanks

Just something I started. Still need to texture, add more machine guns, and some minesweepers. Comments and Critiques welcome.

good details waiting for more!

wire frame please.

Its been a while since I have worked with blender but I decided to go back and finish my tank. Here is the updated version. I have been having a extremely hard time finding a decent image of a M1 Abrams tank to model off of so some of the details might be off. C&C welcome.


Hi mtndew999,

Have you checked primeportal? There are plenty of M1 Abrams images and “walk arounds” there…

Updated, finished other then texturing. Can’t find any textures though. Any hints or textures.


Critiques and Comments welcome.

uv map it and paint it.

http://cgtextures.com/ is a good resource.

nice model!

Looking great. Just one question, is it animatable?

Some good reference photos for texturing: http://m1a1.primeportal.net/photos.htm