M1 Abrams

I’m building a slightly modified M1 Abrams for a project I’ve been working on.

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C&C are welcome

first: welcome at elysiun.
your model looks very nice but youve asked for c&c so you get it :wink: . the antenna’s are missing comunicating is very difficult without them. the tracks look great but they are bent to sharp. the detail level is great. allmost all the things that are on a m1 are there.

nice job :smiley: .

argh! good work. but just get background done! it ruins the complex.
nice. you could try some different kinda textures, like desert or jungle textures. Can’t complain :stuck_out_tongue:

I love it! And cheers also to those designers of the original M1 who decided to make a deathmachine look like an actual deathmachine!

But please, get those antenna’s on!

need textures but…very,very,very,very,GOOD!

Welcome here!

Very very nice. I think that if you made the tracks to where they actually sunck into the ground, as it is a very heavy, and it is on sand, also some textures with a lot of detail would really complement the modelling which has incredible detail. Keep up the good work!

I agree about the texturing; it would really help such a great model. Another thing that would help is giving it a real environment, rather than that plane you have right now. But keep it up, it looks fantastic!

The model is great… I know it’s just a scene to show the tank so no nitpicking… Great work so far…


Here’s a quick update after addition of more detail

There is more detail “on the way” :wink:

I’m also working on a scene but it will take some time, when I make progress beyond basic geometry framing of the environment I’ll post a combined picture.