M1 garand

the legendary M1 from ww2, no game is complete without it
modelling time: 2h 15min.
i am a complete noob with lighting and textures so if u could help me, i would be very happy



how do i achieve photorealism?


Nice model you’ve got there. You should watch the wood texture though, it seems a bit repetitous. Try and make a pattern more subtle.

i know.
the wood textures rly suck. how do i make them better\suitable

Try changing how they are mapped to the object, such as switching to UV mapping or scaling the texture.


This might help with the wood. And this for the metal parts. You’ll need to take a peek on how to unwrap your model for UVs to get the details where you want them though.

i this with photoshop or gimp?

The tutorials are for Photoshop, but you should be able to replicate the actions with the GIMP.

Yeah the Texture look bit “harsh” … just make it more subtle. .and with the metal parts… add some procerudal to make it more noisier ,eg more used look.

oh and… Kar 98 it should be :smiley: … A lot better riffle. (i’ve shot with both and liked Kar better)

Also, if you’re planning on this for a game, it looks fairly high-poly. What is the face count on it? The only reason for high-poly models as far as games go is to create normal maps (there are other ways to create normal/bump/parallax maps, but high-poly has become the status quo). After you bake the normal map, you want to apply them and you can keep most of the detail you had at a fraction of the poly cost.

But you assume it’s a 3d game…

To achieve photorealism, I would recommend researching with different rendering engines. I think they’re more commonly called renderers. Try out yafray (I think it’s now yafaray, don’t quote me on this though), Indigo and others. I’ve found out Indigo can produce awesome renders when set up right. But have a look round, see what you can find.

People have already mentioned textures. You might want to look at your lighting, but I’m a noob with that so you’d have to search for tutorials or ask someone else. Sorry.

Nice…nice model.

But the textures are bad.

This is quite true but unfortunatly blender isn’t able to bake tangentspace normal maps. The normals are always dependent on the camera angle. So for stills this will work as long as you do not change the camera angle. But if you want to do animation the baked normal map is not going to work. You’ll have to export your hires and lowres model to some other software and create the normal map there. Then you can reimport the normalmap into blender and map it to tangentspace and everything should be fine.
Not sure if there is anything planned to change this in the future (2.5)?

Blenders internal can do just fine. You dont need to go after Indigo or somesuch for realism. Specially when we are talking about relatively simple model here (no transparrent parts etc).

hi everyone! thank u for your replies im kinda busy atm so i haven´t ad time to try out the tutorials, i took a glance at them, and so far they look realy good

tried it with an other gun, a mosin-nagant. just to get a hang of it


Looks good. Seems bit “color heavy” tho… I guess thats good for gaming purposes tho.

ya. the color is an issue. but again, it was a test, and a first try