M16/ BlenderArtists Debut

Made an M16 for my BlenderArtist debut. In a way its quick-modeled, in a way its hand-modeled. (Created in less than an hour.)


A nice little game base, for those too lazy to make one themselves.


no textures :frowning: Good model

Ill be adding some knid of texture as soon as I learn how to make them look decent.

Oh, and I created a small fps base. sure, you need to add projectiles, but it already has controls (- freelook) models, animations, and aiming.

mouselook system? u are using a keyboard

go to tutorialsforblender3d.com to do the mouselook tut

that tutorial, for some reason, I cant do.

Im just bumping this thread.

plz dont bump this again… it seems to not capture interest