M16 wip

Hey guys, this is my first post on blender artists so I hope you like it. As the title suggests this is a WIP of an M16 Assault Rifle. If everything goes well it will be a part of a bigger render I want to do in the future, but I’m not sure if I want to say what it will be just in case I give up lol (I’m still pretty new to blender and therefore get easily frustrated and demoralized). So here it is…


Stock Wire After Subsurf

Barrel Wire

Barrel Cont’d

UPDATE: Almost done with this side. Just some small details to add.


Comments and Crits Please!!

looks good so far but your upper and lower receiver look to narrow. and you see that little rectangular bit that you have connecting the the lower receiver to the stock? well that is not suppose to stick out.

also I would of left the stock as a separate piece.
in case you decide you want a different stock.

heres some pics I took of my airsoft gun to try and show you what I mean.
but anyways looks good cant wait to see the finished version.

sorry for the edit but if you want any other pictures I would be more then happy to take them for you.


Nice model, but I would only subsurf the stock only. You probably have seen these already but here’s a wee list of resources:

(Google sketchup 3D previews are handy :))

By the way the weapon you are modelling resembles the M16A2.

Good luck anyway


@Shadow-Weaver: Thanks a ton for those pics. I’d been looking for reference photos of that area for days and couldn’t find any good ones. I widened the upper and lower receiver a bit and made that ‘rectangular bit’ as flush as possible (it was a separate piece). As for the stock, well…it was and still is a separate object. I modeled everything as individual pieces in different layers and put them all together for the renders.

@mikey: When I first started modeling the rifle, I had it in my mind that I wanted to do the M16A4, but as I got going it kind of turned into a mut due to a lack of applicable reference pics of any specific model. So, it’s turned out as sort of a hodgepodge of M16 pieces.

For what I will be using it for, the M16 is detailed enough. If anyone sees any major issues please post or pm me. Otherwise, I will be continuing with the project. My goal is to model a complete Soldiers Cross. With that, I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could post GOOD reference pics for an American (not sure if there is much difference) Combat Helmet as that will be the next step.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out thus far!!!


You are more then welcome. if you need any others let me know.
as for the helmet I cant help you there just search google or that Micro$oft ripoff google.

your model is looking very good.


I found a pretty decent side view of a combat helmet on bing (that microsoft ripoff of google lol) and modeled the width on memory. I used a cloth modifier for the straps to add a bit of realism, but I’m having a problem with the a tiling effect in the material for the helmet. If anyone has any advice/solutions please post!

Next up…boots. Once again if anyone has any good references let me know



So your doing a full soldier or?
by the way the helmet looks good.
but it looks just a little cone shaped in your render at the back maybe a little smooth would fix it or draw?
keep up the good work. Im looking forward to seeing how this all turns out.

These are all parts of a larger render I’m planning. Once everything is finished I want to render a soldiers cross with some background elements.

@Shadow-weaver: Could you explain what you meant about the helmet? Maybe copy/paste the thumbnail into ps and annotate it a bit? It would be extremely helpful…

In the picture below I’ve pointed out where it looks coned, the front view of it should look almost bowl shaped. if you start from a front view and move upward you may start to notice if it does in fact need fixed or not.

could you post a front view?

I may be wrong but I think the swat helmets are the same you could try looking at those for ref.
also take a look at airsoft websites in the tactical gear section might be listed under “head gear,or hats. if helmets isnt an option”

something else you could also do is find some videos on youtube. pause then rework your model.

hope this helps


Wow, I didn’t even notice that at first, but after going over it a few times I realized what you meant.

I subsurfed the helmet to make sure the faces were smoothed the way I wanted them, but as a result, the loop going down the middle of the helmet caused that “cone head” effect. I some of the points on the crown of the head and I think it made it a little better…but I’ll leave that to you guys to judge. Here are some pics and a new render.

What about the material? Does anyone know how to get rid of the tiling effect?


Yeah there you go lol the helmet is looking good.

You could do unwrap, open image in UVeditor, and toggle TexFace in the material buttons if its not done already. to avoid tiling but it may look strange for digital camo worth a try though.

UPDATE: First off, this has been the most frustrating part of this project to date. Finding good reference pics and trying to plan a strategy for modeling these boots has been very time consuming. Having said that, this is what I have. I will, given there are no major issues with the model thus far, begin texturing soon…looking forward to crits