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I am almost done with the modeling. Just the need to add the sight to the carrying handle.

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I’ve started making a M16A4. The lower receiver is done now, and I’m starting the upper receiver soon. CC is welcomed.


The images seem to have not shown in the first post

I’ve cleaned up a few issues, added the mag catch assembly, Fire selector, Bolt catch and started on the upper receiver.

Quick update, I’ve modeled a IR designator. I’m not completely happy with the topology, does anyone have any suggestions for improvements? Thanks.


I have picked up this project again and made some good headway. Not much modeling to do now, just some details here and there.

Looks good. I’d try and get rid of the triangles on the AN/PEQ-15 though. Your modelling looks solid apart from that though, so I look forward to the texturing!

Thanks! I made that a while ago, my modeling has improved since then so i may remodel some parts.

A quick material test plus new rail guards.

Made a bit of progress. Mostly texturing next. Feedback welcomed

I got a bit more work done