M1911 Colt

Is It good enough to use in a game?
feedbacks,critics and opinions pls

you need to give more reality to the materials, they look bare and flat.

In a game? Sure. Try adding a grunge material to the gun though, and maybe bevel the edges a bit more. Good luck!

If I must go technical (which in a game environment is not always an option), the ejection port, or the notch in the slide, seems to be poking out on the other side a little too much imo. If you are able, maybe also put some Colt trademarks, little details count :slight_smile: The slide lock and safety look somewhat off, refer to a reference image to know what I mean (http://tinyurl.com/oyzpr4r) Keep in mind this is purely nit picking, this looks pretty good for a game setting!

thank you i will try to add that