M1911 +help?

What would be the easiest way to do the grip?

Using the multires modifier, sculpt the details, then bake the normals. You can also grab that logo in gimp/photoshop and put it correctly on the uv map.

Really good modeling, where did you get the image reference?

Use a photo as normal map, edited a little, of course.
That’s the easiest I can think of, won’t come out looking the best…

Ah, yea that should do it. and here you go http://deicidenbf.thanez.net/ the gold mine of weapon reference.

The Beaver Tail needs to be one piece.

Thanks, should be simple enough.

No problem. If you need details on any other parts just use this to find their name and look them up.

What I would do is model a seamless piece of the grip’s pattern, bake a height/normalmap to a flat plane, and later on in the texturing stage, I’d insert it into the pistol’s normalmap.