M1911 Progress Thread

(LOLDO) #1

I creating this thread to keep track of my progress on an M1911.
This is what i have so far.

(SterlingRoth) #2

Nice work, I made a 1911 about 10 years ago. It’s a great thing to model. Are you working from blueprints?

(LOLDO) #3

A built the frame from blueprints, but I’m not striving to be 100% accurate. I want it to look accurate from the outside (but not necessarily the inside) and to bake well onto a low poly mesh.

(SterlingRoth) #4

I went a little overboard and modeled every single internal component:

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(LOLDO) #5

That’s really impressive. I wouldn’t call it over kill if a cut away animation is what you intended to do. And its actually a good reference for my model. Thanks for sharing!

(LOLDO) #6

Put the mag in the gun and fixed some of the bevel on the back.

For this project I’m going to use booleans + voxel remesh to generate a high poly.

(LOLDO) #7

Started on the spring housing using displacements.

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(LOLDO) #8

Just finished up the grip safety

(LOLDO) #9

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(LOLDO) #10

Here’s the trigger.

(LOLDO) #11

Everything so far together.

(LOLDO) #12

The barrel

(LOLDO) #13

I also created a wood material which I might put onto the grip.

(LOLDO) #14

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(LOLDO) #15

(SterlingRoth) #16

Looking good!

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(LOLDO) #17

Thanks heres an update.

(LOLDO) #18

Finished the hammer.

(LOLDO) #19

In its current state.

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(LOLDO) #20

I added ridges on the side and the cut on the frame.

and the safety