M1911 (yes i know its untextured)

so i have decided to do something WAY out of my comfort zone. and what other weapon then the infamous M1911.

Good start but it looks like it needs some work.

You might want to look up pics of the M1911 dissembled for inspiration.Model the different parts separately then when everything’s done you can put it together and add some constraints and maybe an armature.

i just wanted to get the shell done, i have another really cool idea for this project.
im thinking about animating a controlled explosion with the projectile flying

Hmm, well it looks like you tried putting the details on your base mesh. If you use different objects you can assign modifiers to only where it’s needed, which is sparing on polygons and is much easier. It looks like there are some strange creases around the finger-guard, I would work on that. Anyway, it’s a good start considering it’s your first.

Yeah, round the trigger guard does look a bit squished. Still, far better than anything I can put together with Blender. Looks like a good start. ; )

thnx guys, i was trying to make the trigger guard look natural and smooth but i have no idea how it got like that. im not sure how to put multiple objects to give it a real look. but ill play around with it and see how it comes together.

Try using smooth and the edge split,i wouldn’t use subsurf unless your moddeling something organic or high poly.