M35 series cargo truck [LOW POLY] CRITIQUE WELCOME

I present you some side project that was on back burner for to long.
Im the most proud of tire texture it even fits higher polly wheels!

Can I ask for any tips how to better present models like this?


depends on your goals
this looks more low poly !

iā€™m wondering about the tires
too simple and symmetrical threads

happy cl

The goal for this piece is just to make something nice to look at :slight_smile:
It is low poly xD

Those are really close to original tires this truck used so i dont really know what you mean

tires compare to photo are looking too symmetrical
may be have some variation in the UV map or proc texture

otherwise looks nice

happy bl

Most of the games share the same texture for all wheels so making wheels looking more diverse impossible or give diminishing returns.
Personally wheels are my favorite part of this model maybe they are to high quality compared to rest of model.

I think i should up my UVs those are pretty trash and confusing.

I painted textures in Blender and sadly painting in blender suck. Thats really demotivating.

Little update
I got littlebit of time so I sat to paint some textures.
Mostly I fixed tire texture so thread wont be warped on one side.
Added break drums to inside of wheels . I probably should integratethem into wheel model but that will conflict with lod versions.

Crated Lod for wheels all using the same texture and UV

Added break drums to inside of wheels .

Frame on military trucks was painted in the same collor as whole truck so Have to fix that.
Have such block on stowage. I cant get to model it.

Looks good. What storage has a block? Memory or disk?

A mechanic in my town restored two or three of these. They look great in the Independence Day parades.

Stowage xD and I have art block.

They must look really nice!