m4 carbine... first render of something like this

this is my first time rendering something like this… i’ll definately have to improve it but give a look and tell me what i should do…


too dark.
or maybe the diffuse channel is too low.

the model looks good, from what i can see…

Turn off subsurf, increase diffuse, decrease specular, add AO, and change the background color.

Then we can talk about the model.

lol… ill work on it… i went back to actually save the model and blender crashed so i go to model it all over again… so about 30 mins to an hour

Okay when you model is againt make sure it doesnt look like a blobby outline of a gun. Kk thx bye.

ok the following is an ak-47 model that still needs to be changed a little bit…total model time was like one and a half hours… still not great… the m4 looked blooby because of the lighting it actually had shape to it, but it couldn’t be seen